IBM developerWorks: The IBM Linux Project for S/390

“S/390 is IBM’s standard bearer for enterprise computing. S/390
provides scalability, availability, security, openess, the
flexibility to handle mixed workloads, and a low total cost of

“Linux for S/390 is a prototype port of Linux to the S/390
architecture. Linux for S/390 is a “pure” Linux from a user point
of view. It supports the S/390 processor architecture and some
devices that are specific to S/390 environments. Therefore Linux
for S/390 automatically inherits important strengths and
reliability features of the S/390 hardware.”

“IBM’s contribution to Open Source was made to provide a clear
interface to the S/390 architecture upon which a Linux system could
be installed.”

“Get the source: Go to the OS Download Area to get the
modifications (source patches) needed to build Linux for