IBM News: IBM RS/6000 server sets web record

… breaks old HP mark by 66 percent with only 12 of 24

“On July 1, IBM announced a new world record for Internet

“The Web-serving record was set on an RS/6000 S80 Enterprise
Server, a six- to 24-way, 64-bit system expected to become
available in October. Fast servers that are reliable and can handle
large numbers of users are considered critical to companies
transitioning their businesses and their customer relationships to
the Internet.

“A 12-way S80, running a pre-release version of AIX 4.3.3, the
IBM UNIX operating system, delivered a SPECweb96 benchmark result
of 40,161 http ops./sec., 66 percent better than the former champ,
the HP 9000 N-Class server from Hewlett-Packard. SPECweb96 measures
the maximum number of Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) operations
per second.”