IBM’s Symphony: Barney or Bach?

IBM Symphony Falls on Deaf Ears Without Open Source E-mail,

“IBM’s debut of its homegrown open source version of OpenOffice
without e-mail or collaboration features is not surprising but
nevertheless disappointing.

“On the one hand, Big Blue’s recent endorsement and support and
services plan for OpenOffice–an acknowledgement of the
obsolescence of SmartSuite and Workplace–offers new hope for the
struggling open source desktop…”


Will Mozilla Fill Open Office Product Holes?

“Yesterday, Paula laid the smackdown on IBM for not going after
Microsoft Outlook with its Symphony announcements.

“Before Big Blue could even rise from the mat, however, the
Mozilla Foundation tagged me with news it was expanding its
Thunderbird initiative with $3 million seed funding and David
Ascher, formerly of ActiveState, as CEO of the new unit, dubbed


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