IDG AU: Linux Grabbing More US Federal Biz

“WASHINGTON Linux, the open-source operating system that for the
past few years has been quietly gaining ground throughout the
commercial world, has established a beachhead in the federal market
and is poised to take over responsibility for some government
mission-critical applications, according to industry and government

“The Linux kernel is composed of roughly 1.5 million lines of
code that users can study and improve. Enhancements are distributed
throughout the Linux community and subjected to a strict peer
review process that examines the code changes for bugs and

“Anthony Robbins, vice president of SGI’s Federal Systems Area,
said his company has been “amazed at the Linux revolution” that is
now under way. SGI, which has made a corporate commitment to
providing Linux on all of its Intel Corp.-based products, also
plans to help spearhead the adoption of Linux throughout the
Defense Department,
particularly in the area of command and
control, Robbins said. Through various common operating environment
initiatives, “DOD attempted to make Unix vanilla,” Robbins said.
“Now, we believe Linux is in operational play in these areas. I
think they have to take a hard look at Linux.”