IM from the Terminal: 2 Great Applications

[ Thanks to Chris7mas for this link.

“Finch: Based on libpurple, Finch is developed by the Pidgin
project, and it pretty much supports the same features of it,
except for the graphical part, of course. There are many chat
protocols which it supports, including AIM, IRC, MySpaceIM, WLM,
SILC, Yahoo! or ICQ.

“Finch allows you to change the status, report idle time based
on keyboard activity or turn it off, it supports plugins, file
transfers, sounds, status messages, chat timestamps, customization
of the contact list. In addition, it also lets you change and
remembers the position and size of the windows.

“The very nice thing is that once you get to know how to use it,
Finch becomes a great tool for getting the job done.”

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