Improving The Linux Desktop: 20 Needed Fixes

[ Thanks to James
for this link. ]

“I love using Linux. I enjoy the control over the
computing experience it affords me and how I can choose exactly how
my desktop is to be run.

“I’m not some guy writing Linux articles on a Windows box or a
Mac. I “live Linux” exclusively, every-single-day. And I have done
this for years.

“That said, I’ve put myself into the position of those who are
new to desktop Linux or simply overwhelmed by something within the
platform. With this article, I hope to address new ideas alongside
some challenges that I believe, if dealt with realistically, would
make using Linux more accessible for everyone.

“1) Focus on the casual user first, geek second. Many among you
will likely point out that nine times out of ten, a Google search
holds the answer to the most common questions people have when
working with desktop Linux.”

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