Indicator Applet Ported To GNOME 3, Can Already Be Used In Ubuntu 11.10 Classic

[ Thanks to An Anonymous Reader for
this link. ]

“With this, you’ll be able to use all the applications that come
with an Ubuntu Appindicator, Indicator Date/Time, the session
indicator, network, Ubuntu Sound Menu, Messaging Menu and even the
Global Menu (optional) in the classic (fallback) GNOME 3 session,
just like in Unity. However, unlike in Unity, the Global Menu
doesn’t hide automatically for maximized windows and there are no
buttons on the top panel.

“Here is a video (includes the applets you need to remove and
add to the panel to get an Ubuntu 11.04-like look) demoing the
GNOME 3 Indicator Applet running in Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot
(classic session):”

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