Infobeads: ISPs Find Linux Religion – Open Source Means Open Choice

“A new survey of over 2,000 ISPs conducted by ZD Market
Intelligence finds that Linux’s share grew by 27% last year.
…took share from both Windows NT and UNIX.”

“Linux enjoys a 23% share among the ISPs surveyed, but its share
of servers built in-house is more striking. Of the 2,000+ ISPs, 43%
said they built their Web servers in-house as opposed to buying
white boxes or branded servers… And of those home-made servers,
over half chose to install Linux.”

“So why is Linux so popular with the ISP crowd? For
starters, because it is open source code, Linux can be customized
to your needs, is easy to administer and is low cost. It’s also
more stable and less likely to crash (than you know what),
and has less stringent hardware requirements giving potential
junkyard candidates a renewed purpose.”