Information Week: Simple Server Offers More — Cobalt Enhances Qube’s Flexibility, Performance

Here is a review of Cobalt Network’s Qube 2.

“The Qube 2, priced starting at $995, runs the Linux operating
system and just a few services: E-mail, file transfers, and
Internet and intranet access. Its limited flexibility is what
allows a nontechnical person to get it up and running in 15
minutes, Cobalt says. The startup company, which shipped its first
version of Qube last March, has built a number of performance
enhancements into the Qube 2, including a 250-MHz Mips chip, 64
Mbytes of memory, and a 10.2-Gbyte hard drive. The new model also
supports 10/100-Mbps Ethernet, an IP firewall, and additional
E-mail, management, and file-sharing services.”