InformationWeek: Ramping Up The Linux Learning Curve

“Two years ago, most IT folks would have been hard- pressed to
find a basic Linux operating-system course for the taking, and the
concept of certification wasn’t even discussed in Linux user
groups. Today, Linux courseware is a growing field, and the first
classes of Linux certified system and network administrators are
taking home their diplomas….”

“Linux’s appeal lies in its open-source environment, stability,
and low cost. Users can modify code for particular needs, and
advocates say that means less maintenance and labor. Moreover,
because Linux runs on Alpha, Intel, and SunSparc processors, some
favor it over many well-established competitors. But Linux is still
most widely adopted as a Web server platform. The main obstacle to
Linux’s gaining broad acceptance throughout companies, according to
those in the industry, is the lack of an industry-accepted
certification process for Linux technicians, primarily system and
network administrators.”

“That’s about to change. “A year ago, Linux training and
certification programs weren’t even heard of, but there’s been a
big change in the last six months
,” says Dave Murphy,
membership director of the 3,500-member International Association
of IT Trainers, a global professional society in Elkridge, Md.”