By Helium Azevedo (manager of Marketing of Windows 2000)

Note: Babelfish translated
the following paragraphs from Portuguese to English:

“Costuma to say that the Linux is trustworthy for being an open
system. This is not truth. Historicamente, more trustworthy the
pointed operational system as is the MVS, that wheel in the
computers of great transport (mainframe) in some corporations. E
the MVS is one of the existing systems most closed.”

“To arrive at the level of reliability demanded for the great
companies, a structuralized and constant development is necessary.
The Microsoft, for example, only invested to USS 3.6 billion in
research and development in the last year. The Linux is developed
by any programmer who wants to customizar the code for its
necessities, without any type of control. With this, it is lost
existing compatibility with previous versions, applications or
implanted solutions. Today, the great equipment manufacturers offer
solutions with 99.99% of reliability. Several have machines with
GNU-Linux, but none arrives at this level of reliability. Already
in relation to the Windows NT, many manufacturers guarantee this

“The Linux community says that the performance of the system is
upper of the Windows NT of the Microsoft. Tests carried through for
some companies in the United States with products of the Microsoft
and the Red Hat had shown that the Server Windows NT had upper
performance to the one of the Linux. Some results of these tests
can be found in the site

Complete Story
in Portuguese.

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