InfoWorld: 20th Anniversary Issue

For a leisurely, long afternoon of pure pleasure, read this

Here are a few of the nice words about open-source:

“Even in the world of IT, the best things in life can be free.
Take the World Wide Web, for starters. Thanks to the real genius of
Marc Andreessen and Eric Bina’s Mosaic browser (Netscape’s
predecessor) and CERN researcher Tim Berners-Lee’s HTML — both
free — the Web capitalized on a gigantic, global net of computers
to change the face of business and communications.”

“Then there’s Linux, the generally great operating system that’s
free to boot and making its way to a corporate network near you.
It’s hard to imagine a successful operating system (of all things)
coming from an anarchistic bunch of programmers, but it’s true and
it’s happening.”

InfoWorld 20th Anniversary Issue