Infoworld: Bob O’Donnell makes a few startling — and final — predictions

Thanks to Pepo
for this link.

Out of 8 predictions for the future, 2 will be interesting to
Linux Today readers:

“2.Microsoft will technically “lose” the antitrust case, but it
won’t really matter because the punitive stage of the trial will
result in no serious changes being made or taken against the
company. Strengthened in its resolve, the company will go after
Linux in a big way, ensuring it remains nothing more than a bit
player. Think OS/2 for the 21 century.”

“3.Along similar lines, the open-source movement will implode as
its community-based approach is crushed under the weight of the
movement’s popularity. Egos will weigh in and the result will be
splintering into multiple factions, which will greatly reduce the
movement’s effectiveness.”

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