InfoWorld: BSD and FreeBSD: When two become one

“Two of the largest developers and suppliers of the Unix-like
Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD) operating system have merged.
Berkeley Software Design Inc. (BSDI), distributor of the BSD/OS
operating system announced Friday that it has merged with Walnut
Creek CDROM, distributor of the FreeBSD operating system….”

The BSD operating system, which was developed between 1979
and 1992 by the Computer Systems Research Group at the University
of California at Berkeley, makes up the core of most Unix and
Unix-based operating systems, including Linux….

“The new company will continue to offer commercially supported
BSD operating systems and applications, as well as continuing to
develop and distribute both BSD/OS and FreeBSD under the Berkeley
software license, which encourages development for open source
projects, but stops short of being completely open source.”

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