InfoWorld: Caldera updates OpenLinux

“Caldera Systems today released a speedier version of its Linux
operating system. The new version allows corporate IT shops to
carry out remote mass installations, and has all of its new
features tested for the year-2000 changeover.

“The OpenLinux 2.3 distribution, which is based on the 2.2.10
kernel, allows administrators to more efficiently and reliably
distribute and configure versions of the operating system to
desktop users. This improved capability is in direct response to
demands from across the Linux community after the release of
Version 2.2 of the product.”

We asked the open-source community of end-users and
programmers for more feedback [on Version 2.2], which is why we
have made it faster and can now perform mass installations
I think this is important for many IS directors and
CTOs,” said Ransom Love, president and CEO at Caldera Systems, in
Orem Utah.”

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