InfoWorld: Red Hat launching Linux subscription services network

“Calling it one of the most significant announcements in its
short history, Red Hat on Monday will unveil Red Hat Network, an
Internet-based subscription service that will deliver open-source
software innovations, upgrades, and security features direct to
developers and users.”

“Some of the key features of the network, which will be part of
all Red Hat services offerings by December of this year, include:
customizable update management services that keep systems secure
during rapid open-source development cycles; use of Red Hat’s RPM
Package Manager for packaging source code into source and binary
forms; and a number of support services from experts across the
open source community.”

The Red Hat Network is a connection between the user’s
machine and Red Hat, where customers can receive a managed stream
of innovation coming down the pipe.
They also have access to a
variety of management services such as security, performance, and
system health monitoring,” said Paul McNamara, vice president of
Products and Platforms at Red Hat, based in Durham, N.C.”

“With some functional similarities to the online data base
jointly announced by IBM, Microsoft, and Ariba earlier this month,
the Red Hat Network will serve as a central warehouse where
developers can register information on their hardware and software
systems, enabling other developers to better pursue joint

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