InfoWorld: SuSE launches latest Linux release

“Some of the features of the upgrade, SuSE Linux 6.2, include
Linux kernel 2.2.10, as well as updated versions of the Apache
open-source HTTP server, GIMP (GNU image manipulation program),and
sendmail. The new version of the X Windows interface, XFree86
3.3.4, which was released on Wednesday, is also included in the

“The complete package… is available as 1,300 applications on
six CDs…” include[s] VMware 1.0, a shareware program that lets
users run applications for MS-DOS, FreeBSD, and Microsoft’s Windows
and NT on Linux… RealPlayer 5.0… StarOffice 5.1 office suite…
WordPerfect 8 and Netscape’s Communicator 4.61.

“The distribution also includes the beta version of IBM’s
speech-recognition program, ViaVoice.”

The German and English International editions of SuSe
Linux. 6.2 will begin shipping on August 9…”

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