InfoWorld: The IT world turned upside down: Titans clash, the masses demand open source, the DOJ gets tough, and the Net cashes in

This is a rewrite of Elizabeth Heichler’s December 14 Network World Fusion story: CNN: Top 10 IT news
stories of 1998

Heichler, with the help of Nancy Weil, has realigned the
heirarchy of the stories. Here is the new heirarchy of 1998 top

  1. Antitrust guns go after Microsoft
  2. AOL buys Netscape
  3. Compaq buys Digital
  4. Linux becomes a household name
  5. Year 2000 reaches a fever pitch
  6. Telecom titans team and scheme
  7. Microsoft launches Windows 98
  8. Asian economic woes hit IT companies
  9. U.S. kicks the Internet out of the nest
  10. Apple’s iMac makes a splash

Linux was #3 in the original heirarchy.

The IT world turned upside down