InfoWorld: Too early to assess Crusoe’s impact, analysts say

“Transmeta on Wednesday didn’t show performance figures that
compare its chips with offerings from, say, Intel, noted Nathan
Brookwood, an analyst with research firm Insight 64, in Saratoga,
Calif. Without seeing such a side-by-side comparison, it’s
impossible to tell yet how Transmeta’s chips will perform against
Intel’s mobile Pentium III, Brookwood and other analysts said.”

“[Crusoe] may perform better or worse than an x86 chip,”
depending on how efficiently its code-morphing technology works,
said Dean McCaron, principal analyst with Mercury Research, in
Scottsdale, Ariz.”

“Another question that wasn’t answered Wednesday is who will
build systems using Transmeta’s chips. The company didn’t disclose
the names of any manufacturing partners at Wednesday morning’s
launch, something that troubled Rob Enderle, vice president of Giga
Information Group.”

The thing that makes me so nervous is that there are no
hardware [manufacturers] here,” Enderle said after Wednesday
morning’s press conference. “I don’t have anything to wrap my arms
around and say, Ah, yes, this is something that’s coming to market

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