Installing and using Ubuntu Netbook Edition

“Heard about Linux but never dared to give it a spin? You don’t
have to, because I did – and here’s how I got on.

“Between office, home and smartphone, there are multiple
operating systems in my life: Microsoft Windows 7, Vista and XP on
various PCs, OS X on my Mac, and Apple iOS on my iPhone. I’ve used
multiple smartphone operating systems, and fear not one of them,
but I’ve never before used a Linux OS.

“I have, of course, heard of Linux, but it’s never been a direct
part of my computing life. Colleagues have long espoused the
virtues of open-source, but it’s always seemed too much of a faff –
a hassle to download and install, and an unknown quantity in terms
of compatibility. In short, Linux is for weirdos, or so I

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