Interbase.com: Inprise Offers InterBase 6.0 – Linux for Public Field Test

[ Thanks to Elton M.
for this link. ]

“Inprise Corporation announced a public field test of InterBase
6.0 for the Linux operating system now available as a download from
the InterBase web site.”

“Two years have gone by since InterBase 4.0 was originally
released as freeware for Linux. Following on from recent
announcements regarding the open-sourcing of InterBase 6.0, the new
version of its cross-platform relational database – Interbase would
like all interested parties to freely download and test this latest
version of InterBase for Linux. Any feedback on this new version
can be sent to [email protected] or alternatively users are
encouraged to participate in the field test newsgroups….”

InterBase 6.0 is a powerful, high-performance
cross-platform relational database designed for business-critical,
mobile computing and Internet-based applications on Linux, Windows
NT, Solaris, and other UNIX operating systems.
Since 1985,
InterBase has provided technologically superior relational database
solutions to meet the business-critical database needs of numerous
companies such as Nokia, Ericsson, MCI, Northern Telecom, Bear
Stearns, the Money Store, the US Army, NASA, and Rob Schieck’s
mers.com web site. Through its ease of use, maintainability,
simplified deployment and small footprint, InterBase has become the
preferred embedded database solution.”