Internet connection through (GSM) USB Modem with wvdial

“Just tonight I’m having problems to start my internet
connection with the NetworkManager on kubuntu maverick. The
connection has been working like a charm these days so I’d think
it’s some kind of hiccups.

“I had taken the time to install wvdial on my box hoping I
wasn’t going to need it… normally console based applications are
much more verbose on the kind of problems they are facing to do
things so they are a very good fallback method when you have
problems and so given the current situation, I’ll give wvdial a

“So, here’s the recipe for it. First, set up a simple text file
with the configuration you will be using.. it depends on the
carrier you are using. I have COMCEL (in colombia) and so this is
the content of the file:”

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