Internet Stock Report: What’s Hot, What’s Not [in Deflated Net Stocks]

“It’s crunch time for tech stocks. As if you didn’t know that
already. Brokers are busy thumbing through rolodexes, delivering
margin calls by the baker’s dozen. Panic has started to set in, and
the Net high-flyers just can’t seem to catch a break”

“Okay. I’ll admit it. Yesterday, I went on a major Net stock
shopping spree
, and you should see some of the deals I got.
I also grabbed an extra helping of Linux and
interactive TV, topped off with a nutritious dose of broadband
equipment makers.”

“MP3.com (MPPP) announced plans to tango with Atlanta-based
mp3radio.com. MP3.com will lasso a majority stake in the start-up
from its sugar daddy, Cox Interactive Media. …despite the
deflated stock price, this beaten-down stock still wouldn’t find
its way into my portfolio. Until the Recording Industry Association
of America (RIAA) wraps up its MP3 witch hunt, this company doesn’t
boast much beyond a killer domain name.”

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