internetnews.com: SCO Wants to Split IBM/Linux Fight into Two

“The SCO Group wants to split off parts of its lawsuit against
IBM over Linux code.

“In its latest motion filed in federal court in Utah, the
company said its copyright infringement and breach of contract
claims over Linux should be split into two trials.

“SCO’s latest court filing doesn’t alter any of its major
allegations in the case, which center on its past licensing
agreements with IBM and on claims that SCO holds copyrights on
portions of IBM’s AIX and Dynix software that made its way into
select Linux kernels.

“Rather, SCO’s new motion asks the court to spin off into a
separate trial several counterclaims IBM made in 2003 in its formal
response to SCO’s suit. Counterclaims are a common legal strategy
through which a company that’s sued hits back with some charges of
its own…”


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