InternetWeek: Dell Preps Server Appliances

“There is growing demand for Web server appliances, particularly
among dotcom companies that need to quickly beef up their sites,
said Aberdeen Group analyst Joe Clabby. “Companies prefer turnkey
devices because they don’t want to do all the configuration
themselves,” he said….”

“Dell’s PowerApp appliances are designed specifically for
infrastructure tasks, such as Web serving, caching and load
balancing. The company is offering two versions of its Web
server appliance: the PowerApp.web 100, a 1U (1.75-inch) high unit.
One is Windows 2000-based, the other runs Linux.
The Windows
2000 version runs optimized Web server software developed by Dell
and Microsoft called Windows Powered Web-hosting software, which
includes Internet Information Server 5.0, Microsoft Load-Balancing
Service and Microsoft Terminal Services. The Linux version,
available next month, is bundled with Red Hat Linux and the Apache
Web server. Pricing starts at $1,899.”