Interview: Eagle Genomics, open source solution provider for genome content management

[ Thanks to Edwood
for this link. ]

“F4S: When and why was Eagle Genomics founded? Where is it

“Richard: The company was founded in May 2008 and is based in
offices on the Babraham Research Campus, just to the South of
Cambridge, UK. It was started because we saw a need for commercial
support for users of the Ensembl genome browser, but the business
has grown and diversified hugely since then.

“F4S: What is your business model and how do you leverage open
source software to support it?

“Richard: We currently provide commercial services to help
people implement and use systems that are built using open-source
bioinformatics software components. Commercial services include
installation, customisation and integration of tools such as the
Ensembl genome browser or the eHive workflow engine, training staff
to use them or customise them themselves, and constructing data
analysis workflows for genomic data that make use of the best
available components (not necessarily all open-source though) in
order to help answer scientific research questions.”