Interview- Kyle Rankin on 3d Printing

SCALE: What was your first Linux job out of college? How did get that job?

Kyle: My first Linux job I got through an internship program at the college. I started working as a programming intern at Lexmark in the quality assurance department alternating semesters at Lexmark with semesters at school. At first I just did basic grunt work like running print quality tests but eventually I started contributing code to some internal projects including writing GUI software to interface with a spectrophotometer we used for optical density measurements. On the side I helped out with the growing set of Linux servers we were using. Initially these were Samba servers (that was usually how you sneaked Linux into an enterprise back then) but eventually I also set up a Linux-based router to direct traffic between our token ring and Ethernet networks. By my third semester as an intern I realized I liked working on Linux and networking much more than programming and made the decision to be a sysadmin.

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