Interview with Mark Taylor, Pres. of UK Open Source Consortium

Q: I saw on your site recently that Canonical,
whose project Ubuntu is really one of the leading GNU/Linux
desktops, joined. Can you talk to us about that a little bit?

Mark Taylor: Sure, I’d love to. I’m sure the
guys there would be happy to as well. We’re delighted to rank
Canonical as one of our numbers. Again, an example of a well-known
free software business. Canonical are incredibly strong supporters
of free software and speak about it on issues relating to the
community and relating to the emerging industry, so people like
Mark [Shuttleworth] get invoved in the debate about software
patents, and Canonical have made it very, very clear that, as a
distribution, they will not be doing a deal with Microsoft, for
example. (laughter) They already speak strongly on issues affecting
the industry, and it was really just a natural match. A number of
the OSC member companies have done some public-sector work, some
public-sector business here in the UK, so it was just natural for
them to get involved. They are also very much involved in our
iPlayer campaign as well…”