Interview with Salih Emin of Utappia

Tell us a few things about you, and how your journey into the linux world started.

Well, my story with linux begins approximately 10 years ago and it started by pure chance when I bought a magazine that came with a Knopix Live CD. I was impressed with how well an operating system was running just from a CD and 128MB RAM !. So I thought if it runs so good from a CD, It should be faster when it is installed on hard disk.

Nowadays many users that are new to Linux, take everything for granted, but back then most of the things you needed to do would require manual configurations on system files.
From then onwards I started using more and more Linux, with Mandrake for about a year and then jumped to SuSE. In the meantime I used many other distributions but mainly Debian and Gentoo. In 2006 I fully migrated my day to day work to Linux Mint and 1 year later to Ubuntu 7.10 and since then Ubuntu is my main operating system. The last four years, I have been involved in various open source projects by promoting open source projects, giving support through forums, translating, testing and bug reporting for various softwares, writing articles (editor at OSArena.net), hosting tech video shows (OSArena TV) and building my own software projects.