Introducing PiTiVi (version 0.13.4)

“PiTiVi isn’t just what appeared in my alphabet soup last
weekend, it’s also the name of a video editor for Linux systems.
The first time I stumbled across PiTiVi (pronounced PeeTeeVee) was
when I was recently trying out the Trisquel distribution and found
the application pre-installed. The program has an unusually simple
layout for a video editor and I was happy to discover that PiTiVi
has a very small learning curve. I quickly became hooked on
shuffling clips around and dropping segments of video on the
virtual cutting room floor.

“The PiTiVi project, which sprung from the work of Edward
Hervey, Alessandro Decina, Brandon Lewis and a handful of other
volunteers, is free software released under the Lesser General
Public License. According to the project’s website work is rapid
and on-going. The application is written in the Python programming
language and relies on GStreamer for importing and processing
multimedia files.

“The video editor is available in the repositories of the Debian
family of distributions, Fedora, Gentoo and FreeBSD. For people on
other distros, there are source packages available from the PiTiVi
web site. I installed the application via Synaptic on my Mint box
and, when I tried to run the program, ran into a dependency