Introducing the Humble Deteriorating Bundle!

[ Thanks to
Jacob Barkdull
for this link. ]

“The first Humble Bundle included games like World of Goo,
Aquaria, Gish, Lugaru, Samorost 2 (as a bonus game) and the full
3-D first-person shooter ‘Penumbra: Overture’. And once one million
dollars was raised the source code for the game engines for Gish,
Penumbra, Lugaru, and Aquaria, was released as Free and Open Source
software under the GNU General Public License, however, the art,
music, and other creative assets for these games were not

“World of Goo, Gish, and Penumbra are all very successful indie
game titles, however, success isn’t the most important thing for
these bundles (hence the name ‘Humble Indie Bundle’), but more
often than not quality games become successful games. When Samorost
2 was added to the first Humble Bundle, I remember thinking ‘World
of Goo, Aquaria, and Gish all already look like Adobe Flash games,
so I’m not surprised they’d add an actual Adobe Flash game to the
bundle. If not for Penumbra I wouldn’t even bother buying this
Humble Indie Bundle thing.” And that’s how the last 7 Humble
Bundles (which have all been released this year alone, by the way)
fail in comparison to the first.”

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