Introducing the SparkyLinux Multimedia Edition, a Live CD Full of Tools for Artists On the Go

SparkyLinux 4.2 Multimedia Edition boasts a great number of tools for audio manipulation, including Audacity, LMMS, Mixxx, Ardour, Guitarix, Qtractor, Rosengarden, Qsynth, Timemachine, Tuxguitar, Yoshimi, PHASEX, Bitmeter, Sound Converter, Sweep, Zita, Internet DJ Console, and Audio Tag Tool. There are also many applications for video production, such as Avidemux, OpenShot, LiVES, DeVeDe, Transmageddon, Subtitle Editor, RecordMyDesktop, Xine, DVD Styler, dvd::rip, Video Transcoder, Xjadeo, WinFF, VideoCut, Stopmotion, OGMRip, VLC Media Player, and Brasero.