Is Linux really free software?

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“Is the Linux kernel really free, as in freedom? Or is
it following the “open core” model defined by Andrew Lampitt in
2008, as claimed by Alexandre Oliva of the Free Software Foundation
Latin America? marky_boi 10 Posts Since 2009 Doesn’t really
resonate with me, I like the amalgam of software. As long as it
works and on the whole the source is… Oliva (below) is the
maintainer of the Linux-libre project, which releases a version of
the kernel with no non-free software. Earlier this week, Oliva
issued an announcement on behalf of the FSFLA, claiming, “Linux now
contains more non-Free Software, and more drivers in its Free core
that require separately distributed non-Free Software to function.”
Quoting from articles written by Open Source Initiative directors
Simon Phipps and Andrew Oliver, to support his argument, Oliva
said: “The welcome news is that Open Source advocates have joined
the Free Software Movement in denouncing the practice of Free Bait
or Open Core.””

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