Is the World Ready for a Web-Based Desktop?

“Whatever else you can say about multimillionaire technology
entrepreneur Michael Robertson–the founder of MP3.com; Linspire, a
Linux distributor; and SIPhone, a VOIP company, to name but a
few–he has chutzpah. In each of his business ventures, he’s taken
on giants, such as the music industry, Microsoft and Vonage. Now,
with AjaxWindows, he’s at it again, with Microsoft once more in his

“AjaxWindows, according to Robertson, is a ‘complete virtual PC
you can experience using only a browser from any Web-connected
computer.’ Linux, Windows, Mac OS–AjaxWindows doesn’t care what
your actual desktop runs, so long as you’re running a modern
browser–Firefox 2.0x for choice–Robertson claims you’ll be able
to use it…”