Is Ubuntu’s Popularity Declining? The Answer is Yes… and No

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“With Unity, Ubuntu managed to annoy a lot of its loyal users.
Regular Linux users, who relished the comfort of a clean simplistic
UI, were presented with something entirely different and confusing.
With Ocelot, Canonical did manage to alleviate many of those
issues. However, Unity still remains a punching bag for longtime
Linux users. Since there’s no denying that Unity’s complexities
have coerced veteran Linuxians to look for better alternatives,
many of them have found comfort in the familiar freshness of Mint
and are probably never looking back. So, if Ubuntu’s popularity is
declining, it’s here; it is the faithful Linux user who’s quitting
the distro.

“Having said that, Ubuntu’s popularity decline might not be
something Canonical should worry about right now. Mint, though
popular and better than the Unity-ridden distro, is still unknown
to the average user who’s trying to escape the shackles of a world
with Windows. Over the years, Ubuntu has gained a lot of popularity
among Windows users, and to them, it’s still the virus-free magic
pill that they can load onto a USB drive and impress their friends.
Moreover, Ubuntu has a vast repertoire of support tools like Ask
Ubuntu and Ubuntu Forums, which assure the user that if anything
goes wrong, there’s a huge community backing you.”

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