IT-Analysis: AOL tackles Open Source Community

“In a move strangely reminiscent of the Netscape Mozilla days,
AOL has announced that its AOLserver 3.0 is to be released to the
open-source community. AOLserver 3.0, which is essentially a
web-server, has been trimmed down somewhat prior to its open-source
debut and is being released under the terms of the AOLserver Public

“For the open-source community, the AOL move adds further
validation, but for AOL the move may not prove hugely beneficial.
It is noted that not all open-source releases add any value to the
quality of the software. Netscape’s release of Mozilla has garnered
little attention outside of the developers on its payroll. But that
said, with AOL’s weight behind it AOLserver may follow the success
of Apache and become the web-server of choice for a number of
vendors – although that would require displacing the hugely popular
Apache, which seems highly unlikely in the short term.”