IT-Analysis: Cabal to develop SMP Linux lab (OSDL) in Portland Oregon

“This summer, Linux began throwing its significant weight around
the enterprise market. … This week a new alliance announced
itself. Composed of IBM, NEC, Intel, SGI, Dell and HP, their
statement claimed they were pooling resources into a shared
laboratory in Oregon with the aim of improving symmetric
multi-processing for Linux. Also involved in the lab are Red Hat,
SuSE, TurboLinux, Caldera and LynuxWorks, who specialise in an
embedded version of Linux.”

“The move makes a powerful amount of sense. The Portland
based laboratory may well remove the final barriers holding back an
open source deluge, by providing an open laboratory with all of the
hardware a Linux developer can dream of.”

“In the business world Linux has been mopping up, as a useful,
licence-free workhorse server that can run cost-effective Apache
web-servers, DNS lookups and the like. With symmetric
multi-processing in hand, Linux should be able to begin to scale
the higher ends of both the server and the desktop markets, perhaps
taking Intel’s fight to SPARC and PA-RISC, which dominate the
high-end world of Unix. Of particular interest here will be
development of a 64bit Linux OS for the development on Itanium or
McKinley, particularly as Microsoft appear to be late for market on
this one.”

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