IT-Analysis: IBM hammers Sun with sales figures

“According to International Data Corporation, a company that
looks at data, the battle for the server crown has just changed

“Whilst last years server market, at least in terms of
mind-share pretty much belonged to Sun Microsystems,
thanks to the number of high profile dot com wins it had. This
year that situation looks set to be dramatically reversed with IBM
taking the crown courtesy of a stunning performance from its

“It’s not just any RS/6000 that has ousted Sun, quite
embarrassingly from its perceived crows nest, it’s the latest
family member, the S80, which has led the charge and it has done so
to quite staggering effect. In the fourth quarter of last year,
according to reports, IBM sold some 720 RS/6000 S80 servers, more
than 3 times the number of E 1000’s that Sun shifted, having only
managed a disappointing 255.”