IT-Analysis: Trademarked Linux distribution – the dream under threat?

“Of course it is not actually Linux that is being trademarked,
it is the Red Hat distribution.”

“We have been in trouble once before by daring to say that
commercial exploitation of Linux will eventually become inevitable
(link to conversation) . I don’t even believe this is a bad thing –
for enterprises to use Linux as a foundation for mission-critical
systems there needs to be some guarantee of pedigree as well as the
backup of a professional support organisation.”

“I also fully support the right of Red Hat to apply their
trademark to their distribution. It has become an important name
with real value attached to it. The commercial IT world needs to be
careful about the open source extensions that it employs, and if
you buy the Red Hat distribution of Linux you know the pedigree of
the operating system you are going to use.”