IT-Director: CA Rolls the Linux Bandwagon Forward

“The announcements that are catching the attention at CA-World
this year are Linux related. CA jumped on the Linux bandwagon some
time ago when it became the first system management vendor to offer
Linux support, announcing the bundling of its Unicenter TNG
Framework on CDs from a series of Linux distributors; Caldera, Red
Hat, SuSE and TurboLinux. CA is now extending its Linux support by
offering a full version of Unicenter TNG. It is also announcing a
Linux version of its MasterIT web server management software and a
Linux version of its Ingres II relational database. The Ingres
release follows a successful beta program.”

“Ken Farber, CA senior vice president of strategic business
alliances said ‘We expect that our early and aggressive support of
Linux will bear the same fruit for us as did our early and
aggressive support of NT, both platforms have had, and will
continue to have, a profound impact on how processing power is
deployed and distributed across the enterprise.’ CA is expecting
Linux shipments to grow in line with IDC’s predicted 25 percent
compound annual growth rate.”