IT-Director: Java struggles towards ISO standard

“Broad support for placing Java in the hands of a standards
body is slowly bringing results.”

“The painfully slow steps towards a widely acceptable standard
will be frustrating for most enterprise computing groups. Many have
voiced strong opinions in favour of sound cross platform standards,
with Java the only candidate with the potential for wide support.
Corporate IT managers recognise that there may be a performance
penalty to achieving cross platform results, but prefer to pay the
price in order to resolve other issues.”

“…Microsoft’s role is curious, and perhaps reflects the
company’s apparent difficulty in formulating a forward-looking
strategy. Java has turned out to be strongest on the server side…
Microsoft’s ambition to storm the market is plainly stalled.
Windows NT has achieved a significant market share, but is unlikely
to make further large gains. … Rival systems are principally the
proprietary Unix systems, Novell’s NetWare and Linux. None of these
are likely to yield much ground and each has some potential for

“Microsoft’s own component strategy involves COM. The future
direction is COM+, which embraces the Microsoft Transaction Server,
Microsoft Message Queue and other services. Although COM was
implemented for Unix, there has been minimal deployment outside the
Windows environment.”