IT-Director: Linux out and about

Linux has been having a good run as a server system, but
progress as a desktop system has been more hesitant. Developments
this week suggest that this is changing.
We now have the first
Linux laptop and Sun’s Star Office is shining forth.”

“IBM has pipped other laptop vendors to the post by announcing
that the ThinkPad 600 has become the first laptop computer
certified to run Red Hat Linux. Laptops have always created
problems through the software drivers needed for their more
specialised components. Dell announced last month that it plans to
put Linux on its Inspiron range, but availability is only promised
by the end of the year…”

“Another essential is an office suite. Star Office has been
popular on Linux for some time, but it has received a further boost
from its new owner, Sun. Star Office used to be free for personal
use, but business users had to pay. Sun has decided to make the
suite free to all, banking on improved server sales to see a