IT-Director: Microsoft makes much money [in Quarter ending 12/31]

“The growth in revenue from the Windows operating system was
viewed in some quarters as only moderate. …in the growing server
sector, competition is extremely hot. Linux is the star
, with some sources claiming as many as 31% of
Internet connected servers running the system. The proprietary
high-end Unix systems are less visible, but they are also moving
strongly with all the major vendors looking for significant growth.
Novell remains strongly entrenched in the file and print server
sector, and its NDS directory is growing in strength.

Likewise, the non-PC device sectors are generally proving
resistant to Microsoft’s blandishments. At least for the time
being, the PDA market seems to have fallen to Palm, while the soon
to explode wireless market looks to be in the hands of

“There’s no denying that Microsoft makes a great deal of money.
… The company’s share price clearly assumes substantial further
growth, but Microsoft will have to fight hard to get it.”