It is finally proven: Apple users are more intelligent than PC users

“More than 2 millions PC users and Apple users took an
Intelligence Test on Intelligent Elite, a site that offers several
psychometric test to users all over the world. The results were
quiet astonishing: Test takers using an Apple computer score more
than 6 IQ points higher than users of a PC!

“The methodology of the research was as follows: During the last
two years people from all over the world took the MV2G IQ test of
Intelligent Elite. The test consists of 315 questions of different
difficulty and different types (Verbal, logical, mathematical &
visual). The test could be taken as a Facebook application, a
Twitter application or on the website of IntelligentElite.com. For
each test taker the country, the specialization, the age, the
gender, the operating system and the browser used was recorded.
Thus the IQ obtained could be aggregated and correlated to the
information collected. One of the most interesting statistics that
is visible is the differences between Apple and PC users.”

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