itdaily: Linux Can Empower Asia, Says Torvalds

“LinuxWorld began at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition
Centre Wednesday with an opening ceremony watched over by a video
link from Linux creator Linus Torvalds.”

“In a recorded interview, Torvalds told visitors that
Linux’s greatest implication for Asia is to offer a remedy for a
long-standing lack: the opportunity to develop or modify the
applications Asia needs without having to rely on imported
proprietary software packages or ask permission to modify

“The opening day’s keynote speech was delivered by Jon “maddog”
Hall, executive director of Linux International (http://www.li.org
), who presented Linux as a tool to empower individuals rather than
an operating system for network servers.”

“He cited the case of a woman in India whose husband is a
migrant worker and spends only one month per year at home. Thanks
to the implementation of a Linux-based “solution,” she is now
enabled to keep in contact with him by going to a public kiosk to
send and receive audio-visual e-mail.”

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