Jikes OSS project requests help

Dave Shields

I got e-mail about Bruce and Dave earlier tonight, as well as
from a number of other users. I even answered some of them.

I then realized I had made a common “newbie” mistake — I forgot
to read the -****- documentation! (jikesos.htm — and I wrote

I said “All discussions would be in full public view using
mailing lists.” And then I started writing private e-mail.

I see the main point is “public”. It’s pointless, confusing and
unfair of me to answer questions privately.

So from now on I’ll try to just speak publicly, such as in a
number of comments I just posted at Slashdot (Thanks to Rob and
Sengan, I’m an AC no more).

I’m off tomorrow to Business Expo. I’d appreciate the names or
phone numbers of some people experienced with running Majordomo on
a RedHat 5.2 linux box in a system that must pass though separate
/etc/aliases file. MD is running and I get mail in from the
firewall, but I can’t get it out. The problem is probably in the
/etc/aliases file for the “watson.ibm.com” domain that does address
translation. (It is impossible to express how much more
satisfaction I get from talking about this stuff than “party of the
third part” — I didn’t even know there was an /etc/aliases file
ten days ago).

Feel free to circulate. After all I’m now working only in “full
public view” mode.

By the way, it would help if some people could start
investigating which bug-tracking system is appropriate.

Also,the attorneys insist on a full CVS-like system to track the
pedigree of the code. What’s the best version of CVS? How to
provide read-only access? (I think only Philippe and I will make
changes at first). These are the kinds of questions we all need to
start thinking about now.

I’d also appreciate names and numbers of people familiar with
running an open source site — a role I’ve just managed to get
after six months of hard work. I feel like the politician who
finally wins the election — now what do I do? I know I’m going to
need some help here, especially when my foot becomes too deeply
lodged in my mouth.

Feel free to publish this — and any future — note from me “in
full public view”, until I get the mailing list stuff up.


[email protected] http://www.ibm.com/research/jikes