Jolicloud’s Jolibook Netbook Hitting Stores

“Jolicloud, the self-proclaimed “perfect OS for netbooks,” has
been making headlines for a while with their consumer-focused, and
frankly very cute Jolibook netbook. Word all around the web is that
it is available today in the UK.

“According to CrunchGear the technical specs are as follows:

* Intel Atom N550 processor (1.5 GHz, dual-core)
* 250GB hard drive
* 10.1″ screen
* Memory: 1GB
* Three USB 2.0 ports
* Jacks for mic, headphones, LAN and an external monitor

“What interests us here at Linux Journal is that this latest
netbook offering, if successful, could mark a return to Linux-based
consumer netbooks. When Asus first debuted their EeePC, the Linux
world rejoiced at the possibility of widespread consumer adoption
of Linux. Indeed, Linux was the preferred OS of the netbook
manufactures for a short time, but was predictably pushed aside
with the introduction of Windows 7.”

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