Judge Gross: “What If I Don’t Do It In 15 Days? Do They Shoot Me?”

“Now, IBM’s lawyer, Richard Levin, like all the IBM lawyers
we’ve seen in the SCO cases, is truthful, and he answers truthfully
that the law isn’t as bright a line as it could be, having been
poorly drafted by Congress, but that there is a better question: Is
the court going to enforce its own deadlines?

“It sort of tried, but it was clear part way in that this judge
was going to let SCO get away with filing yet another unfinished
deal, despite everything the creditors and the US Attorney’s Office
had to say. And they said plenty.

“So you can read this as an example of how to handle yourself in
a court of law when a judge, for whatever reason, isn’t listening
to what you are saying with acceptance.”


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