Judgement Day: Studio Dave Tests Ubuntu Studio 9.04

“I already have one such system here. My secondary desktop
machine runs the excellent Jacklab Audio Distribution (JAD), based
on the rather old OpenSUSE 10.2. However, JAD has not been updated
for a while, and I need an up-to-date distro. The 64 Studio
developers also make a 32-bit “legacy” version of their product,
but I wanted to try a new flavor. Enter Ubuntu Studio.

“I’ve already chronicled my recent experience with Ubuntu 8.10
(Intrepid Ibex). Given the overall hassles I encountered then you
might wonder why I returned to any variety of Ubuntu. Well, the
most recent Ubuntu Studio is based on the latest Ubuntu 9.04 (the
Jaunty Jackalope), with a tested realtime kernel, so I thought it
might be a good time to revisit the system.

“I planned to install Ubuntu Jaunty on my notebook, an HP G60
machine with an AMD64 Turion X2 CPU, 3G memory, and a 250G hard
disk. Video is handled by an integrated nVidia 8200M GPU, on-board
sound is managed by an nVidia chip based on Intel’s HDA codec. I
had already installed Ubuntu 8.10 on the machine, but I decided to
install Jaunty from a DVD. Turns out that was not such a good
decision, and thus began my most recent series of trials and
tribulations with Ubuntu.”

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