Just How Many Linux Machines Will Dell Really Sell?

“I’ve been reading lately about how Dell is slated to sell just
20,000 PCs with Linux loaded on them. I’ve seen that number thrown
repeatedly into the faces of an uncaring blogosphere by folks who
obviously have no love for either Linux or Ubuntu. The source of
the number seems to originate from this posting, which was itself
quoting in part from an email the poster had received:

“We will be launching a Linux based OS (Ubuntu) on the E520,
1505 and XPS 410 starting next Thursday, 5/24. We expect these
systems to be less than 1% of our OS mix for the entire year which
is ~20,000 systems annually. Please cover the huddle deck below
with your team by EOB Sunday. If any questions come up, please let
me know so I can address them before launch…”

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